I am available to tutor middle and high school students in math courses, on any time basis, from a single session to a yearlong commitment. My experience ranges from short-term help with homework, to working with students between levels over the summer, to serving as a primary instructor for a homeschooling student.

Most of my experience has been between pre-algebra and geometry (typically 7th–10th grade, depending on placement), but if you are interested in working with me for a level higher or lower than these subjects, please reach out.

Academic Writing and Admissions Essays

I am available to provide academic writing assistance to high school students, either with essays and papers for humanities and social sciences subjects, or with assignments in the sciences. I can also support students writing college application essays, especially editing for clarity and focus.

I received an interdisciplinary humanities and social sciences degree with honors from the University of Pennsylvania, including a thesis project which received several prizes. In 2021, I was offered admission to all of the graduate theological schools to which I applied.

PSAT and SAT Preparation

I am happy to work on SAT math preparation, including the level I and II mathematics subject exams, in conjunction with math course tutoring or separately. I also received a perfect reading score on the SAT, and can provide general test prep structure and support for students who need it in advance of either the PSAT or the SAT.


I can work in-person or via Zoom video chat, and I charge on a sliding scale, depending on subject level or type of tutoring, length of commitment, and family situation. Fees begin at $25/hr, generally billed biweekly. I value opportunities to teach all kinds of students, and will work with you to make it possible, so don’t hesitate to be in touch if you are concerned about financial arrangements.

See my CV for further details on my educational background.

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